Possibly the most INNOVATIVE e-Bike on the market

Orbike ®, is a line of e-bike for the city, the beach and the country, with orbital wheels that work with friction motors (Orbike Wild) of Double Dynamo (Orbike Cruiser) or Magnetic (Orbike Scooter) and also carry a brake Regenerative to charge the battery. All incorporate a positional road safety laser.




Orbike ® is designed to produce it with the latest technologies, such as 3D printing, to carry it with MORE COMFORT using the XXL saddle, to drive it SAFER with the help of the positional laser, to keep it MORE EASY, only with a few drops of oil and It is mounted on a PLIS-PLAS.


Orbike ® includes innovative features such as the enclosure chassis for maintenance to be «0», orbital wheels with dust protection system, direct friction motor with automatic adjuster, electronic handlebar with wiffi synchronization.


Orbike ® integrates linear front and rear LED lighting in the orbital chassis, also in the handlebar pushbuttons, in the turn signals of the handles and in the headlight. It also integrates into the headlight, a deterrent laser that marks the minimum safety distance for front vehicles.


Orbike ® is specially designed to drive it with maximum comfort. Its adaptive saddle XXL, with suspension seatpost, is ergonomically designed so that the positional adaptability of the gluteus adjusts to the enveloping and fluffy shape of the seat, eradicating friction and pain.


The Orbike ® line of bicycles is designed for the family with the Domestic Orbike (to do the shopping folded), for cycling with the Country Orbike (inserting in the orbital wheels, two extendable baskets or panniers with a capacity of 20 liters easy to put on and remove) and to cross the sand of the beach with the Ballon Orbike.


The Orbike is designed so that the housings that structure the chassis can be customized using a chromatic skin of post-formed vinyl that is integrated into the in-molding injection. For the special launch series, the PinforTeam proposes the Trendys line that includes embossed textures, Leopard and Zebra. As a successful commercial reference, Antonio Pinfor designed for Casabella (New York) a line of domestic product that  had great commercial and media impact. See Clinton playing with Zebra broom in Harlem



The Orbike Box

The Orbike is transported is stoted in the car, in the warehouse, to display it in the store, fully folded and stored in a semi-hard suitcase with perimeter zip opening and with roller to move it easily. The suitcase is customizable in colors and textures to be customized. For the Orbike Zebra or Leopard presentation series, the Orbike Box is made of transparent polycarbonate.


Prototype for structural analysis and design validation, performed in 3D printing with the Carbon Fiber chassis. The special assembly of the Chassis is designed to be assembled and disassembled in a maximum of 10 minutes. The F.E.M. with ANSYS and the result by applying a load of 150 kg. It is optimal with a safety coefficient of +1.2



rear chassis Mounting

The assembly of the rear chassis that surrounds the Orbital wheel and the dust protectors of the Orbike ® bicycle is so simple that anyone without mechanical knowledge can assemble it in a Record Time of 10 minutes. the chassis is only made up of 12 pieces that are assembled together to structure a compact body, capable of supporting loads of up to 180 kp.



1 Orbital Wheels

Orbital wheels with 26 «-28» Tannus type tire. The bearing system is integrated into the tread, with the drive wheel’s center of inertia, optimized to balance the load and facilitate pedaling. Includes an anti-dust system to protect the bearings

4 Top assembler

Dovetail outer joiner profile with seat post holder that bracing the chassis shells, 3D printed with magnesium or carbon wire. The hollowed-out profile for the passage of cables and connectors of the silicone LED strips, protected by a textured orange methacrylate lens housed in the profile.

6 Seat of the Seatpost

Elliptical section profile that makes up the seat post made in 3D printing with magnesium or carbon thread. The seatpost is adjustable in height and is locked by means of a button, with a safety pin.

8 Internal dovetail

Internal dovetail joint profile that assembles the chassis shells, 3D printed with magnesium or carbon wire. The hollowed-out profile for the passage of cables of the braking system and housing of the folding hinge.

10 Assembler Prisoners

Allen mounting studs that structurally fix the chassis housings with Dovetail jointer profiles to form the chassis. They incorporate an elastic toroidal joint.

2-3 Orbital chassis enclosures

Housings for structural the chassis joined by an outer jointer profile and inner profile to house the orbital wheels. The housings and assemblers will be made by 3D printing with magnesium or carbon wire.

5 Seatpost Assembler

Dovetail outer joiner profile with seat post holder that bracing the chassis shells. 3D printed with magnesium or carbon thread.

7-9 Engine Protective Caps

Friction motor protection covers made in 3D printing of magnesium or carbon wire. It incorporates a graduated holder for the friction belt regulator. It is fixed to the engine chassis by means of Allen screws.

12 Inner Assembler

Inner Assembler of magnesium or carbon wire, grooved and sectioned that joins the chassis shells and fixes them using Allen bolts. This assembly profile is designed to locate the anchorage of the integrated baskets in the orbital wheel. includes a hole to grease the bearings. Said rim is fitted with a perimeter, elastic gasket.

Capacities and Benefits.


Orbike ® is designed and designed to produce it integrally with the latest electronic materials and components. The assembly system and the integration of its components, make it an innovative vehicle and easy to drive and maintain.


The Orbike ® bike is specifically designed to produce wrapping parts of the bike in 3D printing. Also the compartmentalized and rigid transport case, the bicycle saddlebags and the shopping cart for the DOMESTIC Orbike. 


Orbike ® folds 100% integrally in less than 60 seconds: the chassis, the handlebars and the saddle. Folded, it is housed in a transparent suitcase that is easy to store in a home closet, in the car and logistically in a warehouse or for display in the store.


Orbike ® adapts ergonomically to the morphology of any driver by incorporating an XXL saddle type «saddle» XXL, with lumbar and antiprostatic protection. Improves the position of the driver, by graduating the distance and positional angle of the handlebar relative to the axis of the saddle.


Orbike when folded 100×100 can be easily transported in the trunk of the car or in public transport, stored in a rigid polypropylene suitcase with roller and ingrained handle. For logistic stacking or store exposure purposes, it is ideal because it takes up very little space.


Orbike ® is designed to be used as a domestic use, since it integrally folded becomes a carriage for shopping or cycling, since it can be inserted in the vacuum of the orbital wheels, 2 baskets or saddlebags with capacity for 15 / 20 liters.



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