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Electronic & Orbital Bike

Orbike ®, is a line of electronic bicycles for the city, the beach and the country, with orbital wheels that work with friction motors (Orbike Wild) of Double Dynamo (Orbike Cruiser) or Magnetic (Orbike Scooter) and also carry a brake Regenerative to charge the battery. All incorporate a positional road safety laser. Orbike ® is the ideal cycle tourism and Rent a Bike.





Antonio GG Pinfor

41005 Sevilla   SPAIN

M +34 675 327 675 


If you want to see a preview of the Orbike ® & Möbius project to evaluate this line of electric bikes, please reply to this message and send the signed NDA. Thank you

The electronic bicycle for the 21st century

Orbike ® is designed to produce it with the latest technologies, such as 3D printing; to drive it with MORE SAFETY with the help of the positional Laser, with more COMFORT using the XXL saddle and to make it EASIER to maintain, only with a few drops of lubricant ... and its chassis is mounted in a flash.



"Tell me an important truth with which very few people agree."

Peter Thiel # Co-fundador de Paypal

Hello, I am Antonio Pinfor and since 1986 I am the Creator of Consumer Product for Habitat and New Technologies. Throughout my professional career as an Industrial Designer, I have created more than 100 products for international companies such as John Lewis, Mark Spencer, Vileda, Koziol, Haug, Casabella, WalMart and Vigar, which commercialize them successfully since 1995 in more than 40 countries As an expert in technical-creative direction, new 3D technologies and industrial process planning, I use my extensive professional experience of 40 years to develop projects that are industrially viable and can have commercial success such as the Orbike project:


Orbike ®, is a family of electronic bicycles with orbital wheels that are driven with a friction motor and regenerative brake to charge the battery. Orbike ® incorporates a positional laser for the cyclist’s safety on the road, as well as all electronic communication, signaling, lighting and drive mechanisms. Folded Orbike ® is transformed into a shopping cart, incorporating two extensible baskets housed in the vacuum of the orbital wheels. Orbike ® is also the ideal e-bike for bicycle touring and for Rent a Bike..

As creator of Orbike ®, to boost its manufacture and commercialization, I offer a percentage of Participations or Royalties to potential sponsors and / or investors who wish to invest in this project that, due to its uniqueness, innovation and commercial potential, can report cache and profitability. economical And a wish, as a preferential guest to view the Orbike ® project, I ask you to respect the industrial and intellectual property of the Orbike ® design, maintaining the confidentiality of this presentation through the NDA that you have kindly agreed to sign.


Antonio Pinfor

Investment for project execution

To carry out the execution of this project – carried out with top engineering programs, such as Catia and Siemens NX -, in addition to my full and exclusive dedication for 3 years, I have researched in the electric bicycle market to identify, first what product missing in the market and second how to develop it through the 3D design of unique models, using the latest technological means such as 3D Printing and Reverse Engineering.

For this I have invested and used collaborative engineering human resources through my team in GrabCad and 3D technology to make the prototype with 3D printing at 1/2 scale for the evaluation of the design and assembly of the chassis. Together with the prototype test, we have carried out in parallel the structural analysis (FEM) of the chassis with Ansys to verify that its mass production of the assembled parts is fully feasible so that it can be assembled by the end user without any technical knowledge.

Once the final model has been analyzed and the preliminary test prototype has been made, Orbike ® meets the expectations we set for producing an ORIGINAL electronic bicycle, with a SINGLE assembly and assembly system, with an INNOVATIVE rolling system and with good expectations to have Commercial success as some of my creations.



150.000 €


25.000 €


25.000 €

Crowdfunding and Orbike Patronage.

Percentage of Royalties per Euro invested (Financial Forecast: 500Mil / €)

  • Sponsor in KickStarter 1 Orbike (€ 6000 -15% discount) 0% 0%
  • Guest Sponsor without voting rights (€ 25,000 + 1 Orbike) 5% 5%
  • Premium sponsor with voting rights (€ 50,000 + 1 Orbike) 10 % 10 %
  • Patron with the right to vote (€ 250,000 + 2 Orbike) 49% 49%
  • INVESTOR with the right to vote (€ 375,000 + 2 Orbike) 75% 75%

Background, Planning and Execution Phases. Timing


For Orbike ® it arises from the research process of Morfos XXL ®, a project that I designed and developed for two years (2006-2007) at the initiative of businessman Manuel Hidalgo, owner of the company HadorWorld (Valencia), a company that sold low-cost import bicycles cost in Spain and Portugal, with an important penetration in the national market of low-cost bicycles.

This bike is designed with the uniqueness that it grows according to the size and age of the user. Orbea used our idea for his children’s bike Grow.

The manufacturing of the molds in Aveiro (Portugal) began to carry out the series production of the chassis with a plastic composite by rotational molding in Águeda (Portugal). The crisis paralyzed the project and bicycle rights have returned to my property.

This businessman intended to revolutionize the market for low-cost bicycles with the Morfos XXL bicycle to market it through Carrefour Europe, with which he had signed an exclusive contract.




The Orbike ® design, in addition to having its roots in the research process I carried out for the HadorWord bicycle company in 2006, evolves into a concept of urban, folding and electronic bicycles in order to minimize costs in the production process in series, that is simple to maintain and assemble, and that can be transported and stored logistically with maximum folding and speed. These characteristics were previously defined so that Orbike ® can be part of the project:

WinBike ®: a system of Underground Parking and Rent a Bike public. This project was a finalist in 2014 in the international SmarkCity contest promoted by the Spanish Network of Smart Cities, under the patronage of public institutions. WinBike is designed to use electric bicycles of easy maintenance and optimal folding to be able to stack them in an automated underground silo that requires little space and have a minimum maintenance since the system is granted to operate it under the franchise of Rent a Bike.


Once we decide what type of electric bicycle is not present in the market, especially in a mid-high-end segment, and evidencing that the market is very saturated with very competitive models in similar cost, performance and functionality ((practically the brands they copy each other), we started the project, starting from the design of a technologically advanced urban and Unisex line of medium bicycles with easy folding and ergonomically powerful so that drivers feel comfortable on bicycles and are easy to drive , and above all that the maintenance is almost «ZERO».

To do this, we created in 3D the master model with original innovations such as the orbital wheels and the integral assembly chassis that facilitates the conservation of the bicycle. In this way we have obtained a technologically advanced product, easy to manufacture and assemble, with a reduction of components in the 1:10 ratio that make Orbike ® an easy-to-use, assemble and maintenance almost «zero» e-bike.




  • PROJECT EXECUTED (June 2019) 60% 60%
  • F.E.M. (June 2019) 75% 75%
  • PRODUCED PROTOTYPE (June 2019) 25% 25%
  • SUPPLIER SELECTION (June 2019) 10% 10%
  • COMPONENT SELECTION (June 2019) 5% 5%


In order to view the Orbike ® project, it is necessary to request a confidentiality 

....and also

The Orbike Box



The Orbike is transported is stoted in the car, in the warehouse, to display it in the store, fully folded and stored in a semi-hard suitcase with perimeter zip opening and with roller to move it easily. The suitcase is customizable in colors and textures to be customized. For the Orbike Zebra or Leopard presentation series, the Orbike Box is made of transparent polycarbonate.

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